PDF to CAD conversion

We use cutting-edge technology for PDF to CAD conversion services.

PDF to CAD conversion service

All notes and drawings made during the development of plans for a project must be converted to CAD file format. We use the most advanced software for converting printed documents to CAD, including AutoCAD, MicroStation, ArchiCAD, and TurboCAD, among others. We can deliver the final result of the PDF to CAD conversion in various formats such as .DWG, .DWFx, .DGN, and .ACIS, depending on the client’s needs.

Converting PDF to CAD is a detailed and complex process that can be extended and complicated by errors. Therefore, at Alikat Services, we have a team of highly trained experts supervised by experienced professionals. We ensure that the CAD conversion retains the original dimensions provided and offer the ability to generate searchable indexes for large-scale projects.

Our conversion complies with international standards and is structured in AIA layers, guaranteeing a high-quality paper to CAD conversion service with quick deliveries. For more information, our specialists are available to address any inquiries.

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