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Advanced facade engineering services to optimize building protection and energy efficiency.

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In the world of architecture, facade design is crucial for protecting building structures against environmental elements and enhancing their energy efficiency. This element not only strengthens the exterior walls but also enhances the building’s aesthetics, offering striking and unique views that capture public admiration.

At Alikat Services, we understand the importance of the facade not only as a protective component but also as a distinctive element in architectural design.

We offer advanced facade engineering services, using lightweight and durable materials such as aluminum, along with efficient glazing technologies and structural sealants. Our team specializes in a variety of facade systems, including two-way and four-way curtain walls, structural glazing, and unitized or semi-unitized systems, adapting to the specific needs of each client.

With professionals experienced in leading systems such as SCHUCO, GUTMANN, and ALCOA, we guarantee facade solutions that combine functionality with exceptional design, available for architects, building owners, and construction teams.

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